Applied Economics and Econometrics Seminar



Wednesday September 21, 12 p.m., room P043

Andreas Lichter (IZA Bonn)

Title: Benefit Duration and Job Search Effort: Evidence from a Natural Experiment


Wednesday September 28, 12 p.m., room P043

Stefan Klonner (University of Heidelberg)

Title: Have Cellphones Improved Labor-Market Outcomes? Evidence from Rural South Africa


Wednesday October 12, 12 p.m., room P043

Holger Stichnoth, ZEW

 Title: Estimating a Structural Equilibrium Job Search Model to Evaluate the Introduction of a Uniform Minimum Wage in Germany 

(with Maximilian Böhmer, Nicole Gürtzgen, Laura Pohlan, and Gerard van den Berg)



Wednesday October 19, 12 p.m., room P043

Aureo de Paula, UCL

Title: Identifying and Estimating Social Connections from Outcame Data (with Imran Rasul and Pedro Souza)


MONDAY October 24, 2:00 p.m., room P043 (joint SFB/AEE)

Heather Royer, UCSB

Title: The Impact of Education on Fertility: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the UK


Wednesday November 9, 12 p.m., room P043

CANCELLED Simon Jäger, MIT, visiting IZA Bonn

Title: How Substitutable Are Workers? Evidence from Worker Deaths.


Wednesday November 16, 12 p.m., room P043

Russell Toth, University of Sydney

Title:Can reference-dependant preferences esplain low investment levels among the poor? Evidence from rural-urban migration in Indonesia.



Wednesday November 23, 12 p.m., room P043

Jörg Heining, IAB Nürnberg

Title: The Cost of Displacement over the Business Cycle and Its Sources: Evidence from Germany.


Wednesday November 30, 12 p.m., room P043

Simon Galle (Norwegian Business School)

Title: Slicing the Pie:  Quantifying the Aggregate and Distributional Effects of Trade


Wednesday December 7, 12 p.m., room P043

Jeff Smith, University of Michigan

 Title: The Consequences of Academic Match between Students and Colleges